About Us

SRG has long been an innovator in marketing through the use of research methods and engaging new technology.

Southern Research Group (SRG) is a full-service marketing research and consulting firm specializing in consumer and healthcare-related opinion research. Established in 1985 and based in Jackson, Mississippi, SRG is a long-time leader in the marketing research industry, We have successfully conducted thousands of surveys for businesses, not-for-profit organizations, state and county governments.

SRG knows that accurate information supports strong decisions. We offer

a complete range of services using quantitative and qualitative research and analytics. We continue to be recognized by our commitment to provide results that are reliable, practical tools for decision-making.

Our staff includes veterans of the supervisory and analysis process, and a well-trained, motivated and tightly monitored telephone interviewing and recruiting staff. We help clients envision success.

Executive Leadership

Dan C. Davis


Dan Davis is an accomplished executive, founding and leading Southern Research Group (SRG) as a full service political/business consulting, public relations and marketing research firm since 1985. Dan has more than three decades of experience in comprehensive consultative research and marketing solutions, including health-related research for Mississippi and other states. He is a successful B2B/B2C marketing/sales strategist.

With four national advertising awards, editorial features and several trade publications, Dan has diversified business development and organization improvement experiences. He has significant quantitative and qualitative research skills, having conducted more than 5,000 marketing and political studies for clients across the United States, the European Union, Mexico and portions of Southeast Asia.

Dan has also conducted political issue campaigns on behalf of several Fortune 500 companies that involve both elections and legislative actions. He is an advocate and strategist for Native American Tribes throughout the U.S and a global consultant for the gaming industry, having experience working with 13 of the 15 largest gaming companies in the world.

Dan is a visionary fully capable of realizing his dreams and those of his client’s. He and his team have experience in healthcare, banking, retail, restaurants, gaming, technology, utilities and communications industries.

Adam Sturdivant

Accounting Manager

Integrated Marketing Research
for Informed Decisions