At SRG, we believe that any research is only as reliable as the people who produce it.

Telephone Interviewers

These positions collect data from consumers, voters, and businesses for clients wanting to know more about awareness, perception and market share. The calls are outbound and conducted using computer-assisted telephone interviewing software. To request an application, please email

Focus Groups

SRG maintains a database of consumers in the area who are willing to be contacted for various types of focus groups. It is not a regular position and will pay only when you qualify for a specific group discussion. To express interest in participating, please email

Hotel Reservation Agents

Agents make reservations for people who want to reserve a room at Silver Star, Golden Moon and Dancing Rabbit Inn at Pearl River Resort. The job is an inbound caller situation with no outbound calls. To request an application, please email

Integrated Marketing Research
for Informed Decisions