Inbound Calling

SRG combines all data collected into actionable items our clients can use to keep their business moving forward.

SRG began providing inbound calling services in January 2018. Your 1-800 numbers can be answered through outsourcing. Outsourcing inbound calls provides strong customer service to those calling for reservations and assistance with event information.

As a custom service, the client uses our facility with their programming to create an extension of their in-house facilities. The primary benefit of this custom service is to turn managing and staffing tasks over to a reliable partner, SRG.

Our state-of-the-art call center has fully automated call stations with computerized survey and data collection capability. Everything about our call center was designed to allow interviewers to conduct surveys in a quiet, confidential environment and to gain the best response rates possible. This includes workstations that are constructed with extra-large, high-tech, noise reduction panels and supervisors being located in the same area as interviewers so questions can be handled appropriately. Our interviewers are able to conduct surveys without sounding like they are located in a call center environment, which could jeopardize respondent cooperation.

SRG call center services include:

  • Convenient location in Jackson, Mississippi
  • Continuous Project Supervision
  • Ci3 and WinCati Software for Data Collection
  • Accurate Data
  • Monitored Interviews
  • Sample Design and Control
  • Complete Analysis Reporting

Integrated Marketing Research
for Informed Decisions